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Advantages of a dry shower for hands or feet from SHOWER PACK:

● hypoallergenic gel, with which the foam napkin is impregnated, does not cause irritation, has a soft texture, and foams quickly. It was invented in Spain for the care of the bedridden, which is why our dry shower is ideal for everyone without restrictions;

● compact size: you can put it in your shoulder bag, handbag and even in your pocket! A dry shower is always at hand;

● production capacities are located in Kyiv, which means that by purchasing a dry disposable shower for hands or feet of the SHOWER PACK company, you contribute to the development of small business, supplement the budget of Ukraine with taxes, and provide jobs. All our activities are official and honest.

Wholesale Orders for Dry Hand and Foot Showers, Essential for Hygiene in Field Conditions

Performing hygiene procedures is essential, not only for our well-being, but also as a preventive measure against numerous diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. That's why adhering to hygiene standards is crucial, especially in field conditions, such as being in a combat zone, where the risks of contracting infectious diseases transmitted through dirty hands are significantly higher. For our defenders, Shower Pack has developed unique dry showers to provide a minimal improvement in comfort in challenging conditions, taking care of their comfort and safety on the front lines. The company offers a range of unique dry showers with foam gloves, as well as dry hand and foot showers.

Dry Shower for hands or feet WHOLESALE

Differences Between Dry Hand and Foot Showers

If you want to take care of the comfort of your loved one who is on the front lines, whether you're a unit commander or a caregiver, it makes sense to buy dry hand and foot showers in bulk in Ukraine. Placing a wholesale order will help equip soldiers with these essential hygiene products while saving money.

The compact package includes one foam glove and a towel made of non-woven material called spunlace. This material is lint-free, ensuring a comfortable and straightforward cleansing process, as it won't leave any lint on the skin. Spunlace also has a high absorption capacity, allowing it to dry the skin quickly.

The dry shower kit takes up very little space and can be carried in a shoulder bag or backpack. In winter, it's advisable to keep the towel in an inner pocket or near a heat source to prevent it from being too cold.

The foam gloves are soaked with a hypoallergenic gel with a pH level identical to our skin. This gel contains no synthetic additives or fragrances and is odorless, making it a quick, effective, and safe cleanser. After using the foam glove, there are no sticky or greasy residues left on the skin, only a feeling of freshness.

How to use the dry hand and foot shower kit:

  1. Moisten the towel with a small amount of water.
  2. Squeeze it slightly in your hands until foam forms.
  3. Clean your hands or feet, paying special attention to the spaces between your fingers.
  4. Wipe off any leftover foam and moisture with the towel.

The components of the kit should be disposed of like regular household waste.

Using a dry hand and foot shower can:

  • Restore a sense of comfort.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin not only from dirt but also from disease-causing agents.
  • Improve the combat readiness of soldiers.

Dry hand and foot showers are relevant not only for military personnel but also for civilians in the following situations:

  • Prolonged power and water outages.
  • Multi-day car or train trips.
  • Extended outdoor camping trips.

In all these cases, dry hand and foot showers can help restore a feeling of freshness, improve overall psychological well-being, and reduce the risk of infection.

Dry and clean skin doesn't itch, doesn't cause discomfort, and doesn't produce unpleasant odors.

Dry Shower for hands and feet WHOLESALE

Why It's Important to Maintain Hygiene in Field Conditions

During multi-day outdoor trips, training on a shooting range, or deployment in combat zones, it is crucial to maintain personal hygiene. Dirty hands can transmit diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, and salmonellosis. These illnesses have the potential to incapacitate soldiers, casting doubt on the fitness of the entire unit.

Footwear that constantly rubs and chafes, coupled with exposure to moisture and high temperatures, can lead to the development of blisters and fungal infections between the toes.

To prevent these dangerous conditions, dry hand and foot showers are a valuable tool. They differ significantly from wet wipes in that they have a more powerful cleansing ability and a larger surface area, making it easier to clean the skin on hands and feet.

You can order wholesale quantities of dry hand and foot showers from the Shower Pack store with the assistance of their consultants.

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