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Medical Dry Shower SHOWER PACK

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Medical dry shower from the Ukrainian manufacturer SHOWER PACK is an indispensable item for the hygiene of bedridden patients, in a hospital, when access to clean water is limited, there are difficulties in transporting a person to the bath, to facilitate the work of medical personnel and when caring for patients at home. We have designed such a dry shower kit to be convenient to store, use and dispose of.

Dry Medical Shower — Comfortable Hygiene Procedures for Care of the Sick

Caring for seriously ill patients confined to their beds with limited mobility is a challenging and responsible task. People who are unable to perform basic hygiene procedures and are bedridden often feel confused and vulnerable. One of the tasks for family members or medical personnel is to create the most comfortable conditions to expedite the patient's rehabilitation. A significant problem for the loved ones of bedridden patients is organizing hygiene procedures, including showering.

Medical Dry Shower SHOWER PACK

Solving this problem becomes much easier when you purchase the Shower Pack dry medical shower in Ukraine. This dry shower kit was specifically designed for the hygiene of the seriously ill, whether in medical facilities or at home when access to water is limited. The dry shower kit is easy to transport, use, and dispose of.

Key Features of the Shower Pack Dry Medical Shower

The shower kit consists of seven gloves sealed on three sides. The open end of the glove is worn on the hand for easy and vigorous skin cleansing. The glove is impregnated with hypoallergenic gel on both sides, which ensures effective yet gentle skin cleansing.

To activate the gel on the glove, only 50 ml of water is needed — after this, the gel begins to foam moderately. After completing the procedure, you can easily remove any remaining gel and dirt with a small towel.

How to Properly Use the Shower Pack Medical Shower:

  • Open the package and put on the glove.
  • Apply a small amount of water to the glove.
  • Squeeze and release the glove several times.
  • Gently lather the patient's body, moving from top to bottom.
  • Dry the skin with a towel.
  • Dispose of the used glove.

Each glove replaces a full bath, and after using it, a bedridden person will feel clean and energized.

People recovering from serious injuries, surgeries, or strokes require careful attention, including high-quality hygiene procedures. Therefore, the dry medical shower will be an indispensable hygiene tool for the relatives of people who are completely or partially bedridden. These kits will also be relevant for military hospitals, as soldiers often undergo lengthy rehabilitation after injuries. The medical shower will significantly simplify the lives of loved ones and improve the comfort and quality of life for defenders.

Procedure for Performing Hygiene Procedures for Bedridden Patients:

Before starting the procedure, it is important to prepare all the items: the dry shower, towel, and hygiene sheet. The hygiene sheet should be laid on the bed before starting the cleansing procedure.

Hygiene procedures should begin with washing the face, followed by washing the hands and neck, gradually moving on to washing the hands and body. During the procedure, there may be a need to replace the glove with a new one. After wiping individual skin areas, pat them dry to prevent overcooling. Do not rub the skin with a dry towel; instead, gently pat it dry.

To clean the back, the patient should be gently turned to one side. While cleaning the leg skin, pay special attention to the areas between the toes, and then thoroughly dry them. Once the entire body is washed, you can use a restorative balm or lotion and perform a light massage to stimulate blood circulation.

Areas prone to bedsores should be treated with a special protective cream.

Remember that the condition of the patient's skin depends entirely on the quality of care. Careful hygiene, the use of a dry shower, and protective creams will prevent additional suffering for your loved one.

Dry Shower for hospitals SHOWER PACK

You can also purchase a set of dry showers, including a medical shower, a military shower with water, and a hand and foot shower, on the Shower Pack website. For any questions regarding orders for retail or wholesale batches of dry medical showers, consultants from Shower Pack will provide answers.

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