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Dry shower SHOWER PACK

Disposable dry shower SHOWER PACK — foam glove for military, bedridden, travelers, in the absence of water and in any conditions. A lot of foam, certified European raw materials, without odor and essential oils — hypoallergenic and safe! Choose quality and impeccable reputation!

SHOWER PACK — Dry Showers for Hygiene in Field Conditions

Welcome to the website of a company whose main goal is to take care of the comfort of our defenders. That's why the SHOWER PACK brand has developed a dry shower for use without water, especially in extreme conditions. Dry showers are most often used in field conditions like trenches and during training. They are also useful in hospitals where it's challenging to provide full shower procedures.

The History of SHOWER PACK Company

The brand was established right from the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion. SHOWER PACK is a family business involving seven people. A small team of people connected by family ties allows us to respond to any issues as quickly as possible. In early 2022, there was already a similar product on the market in Ukraine, but it had a few drawbacks – it was based on a sponge and washcloths. The founders of the SHOWER PACK brand created a dry shower based on a foam glove sealed on three sides. This glove securely stays on the hand, doesn't slip, and allows for quick body cleaning.

SHOWER PACK — disposable dry shower

Seeing the demand for the newly created product, the brand's founders, with a substantial customer base, gradually improved the dry shower and expanded the range. Currently, SHOWER PACK offers four sets of dry showers:

Customers often wonder if one set is enough to clean the entire body. The answer is yes. This feature is due to the unique shape of the glove and the balanced formula of the gel it's soaked in. It's worth noting that the gel is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation or discomfort even on dry, delicate skin. Despite the compact size of the foam glove, after using the dry shower, a person feels clean and fresh.

What Sets Apart Different Sets of Dry Showers?

The dry shower set with water includes a sachet filled with water (50 ml). This kit is useful in situations where there is no access to technical water. All dry shower sets include a towel, which helps easily remove residual moisture from the skin.

The medical dry shower kit contains seven foam gloves that replace seven full baths. This kit is particularly relevant in hospitals or home conditions where it's impossible to bathe.

In situations where it's not possible to wipe the entire body, the dry shower set for hands and feet comes in handy, including a foam cloth and a towel. Simply wipe your hands and feet to feel fresh for a while.

Disposable dry shower

Why Choose SHOWER PACK Products?

In a short period, just over a year, SHOWER PACK products have been embraced by 7,500 satisfied customers, and over 1,000,000 units of products have been shipped in total. The company's products received the Ukrainian Business Awards 2023 in the «Business Of The Year 2023» category.

The popularity of the products can be attributed to several reasons:

  • Excellent service
  • Quality and safe products (all dry shower sets have SES approval)
  • Safe and high-quality products (European raw materials, tried and tested)
  • Convenient products that meet modern requirements
  • Discounts for military personnel, ongoing promotions on the website and in the Telegram channel
  • Fast service (shipment every weekday, fast and easy communication)

The brand supports the Ukrainian economy by operating entirely legally. The production facilities are located in the Kyiv region.

Dry shower sets are provided free of charge to official requests from the military, charitable and community organizations (in exchange for a thank-you letter and/or social media photos).

Dry shower sets are relevant not only for military personnel but also for their families, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as directors of military and civilian hospitals and volunteers. If you are interested in dry shower sets, military or medical, you will receive qualified advice from SHOWER PACK brand consultants. If needed, dry showers can be complemented with «Sushkar» powder, bar soap, hand, and foot warmers.

Dry shower

Maintaining the hygiene of your own body in conditions where there is no access to clean water is not difficult if you use such an innovative product as a dry shower. It is in greatest demand in conditions where there is no access to clean water. Therefore, they often take it with them on trips, hikes, outings and in various emergency situations in which it would be impossible to gain access to a normal shower. If you need to buy a dry shower, you should go to the official website of our online store, where a wide variety of products are on sale, for which an affordable pricing policy has been established for each buyer.

Dry showers: main types of products

Before you buy a dry shower in Kyiv, you should familiarize yourself with its main types on sale. Each of them has its own undeniable advantages and features. Among the main types it is worth highlighting the following:

  • dry shower for military with or without water;
  • medical;
  • dry shower for feet and hands.

The most convenient and widespread option is foam mittens. They can be either disposable or reusable. The main distinguishing feature of disposable options is that after use they can be immediately disposed of. At the same time, they are quite compact and easy to use. The shelf life of such hygiene products after purchase is 5 years, so there is no need to worry that the kit will become unusable.

You can buy dry showers in Odessa in the form of special sets for feet and hands, which will ensure maximum cleanliness. With the help of such a purchase, you can normalize sweating, remove unpleasant body odor, eliminate chafing and use it as a preventive measure against fungus.

How to buy a dry shower in Kharkov and use it correctly?

To select the highest quality and proven option for a dry shower, you should be guided by some key criteria at the selection stage. At the acquisition stage it is very important to consider:

  • performance indicators;
  • availability and pricing policy;
  • conditions of use and purpose.

After the choice has been made, you need to figure out how to properly use a foam sponge or other types of dry shower.

When using wipes, it is very important to follow the instructions for use and avoid contact directly with mucous membranes. To avoid cross-contamination, separate wipes should be used for each area of ​​the body.

If you need to purchase a high-quality dry shower for your feet and hands, you should make a purchase on the official website of our online store. The undeniable advantage of such hygiene products is their compactness, thanks to which you can take them with you by placing them in the compartment of your backpack. Dry showers are no less relevant for military personnel who spend a large amount of time in the field.

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